Technical Support

Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process

25 Apr 2022

How to get your wheel loader save more fuel? Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process to achieve it!

How to Choose Dump Trucks?

15 Mar 2022

How to choose dump trucks for Used for mining, city building, transportation distance more than 200km... You have to know!

How to get your Wheel Loader save more fuel?

26 Jan 2022

Lack of the oil make the Wheel Loader operation cost keep on increase. After the investigation, we find there are two solutions to improve the fuel economy: New technique application and Proper operation.

To avoid mistakes in truck maintance

29 Jul 2021

All experienced drivers of trucks know that it's very important to be able to maintance the truck yourself, however, you have to do it in the right way.

Do not do these when you are maintaining your vehicle!

16 Jun 2021

Seize The Future is always keeping eyes on the safety issue of trucks drivers. We do not only supply all Chinese brands trucks like Sinotruk, Beiben or Shacman, we also provide truck parts and long distance technical supports. So when drivers are doing maintenance following our instruction we do not want our customers get hurt.There are some hidden dangers during the frequent maintenance. Therefore Seize The Future is going to list them out today!

The air flow in truck brake system

02 Apr 2021

As we all know, braking system cars, especially truck safety, are very important. These are essential conditions for driving, dump trucks, tractors, industrial trucks and special purpose vehicles.

Do you know how to divide the trucks?

15 Mar 2021

Do you know the classification of the truck? In our daily life, there are dump trucks, tractors, trucks, light trucks and a variety of construction machinery and special vehicles. Today we take a look at it.