Relay Valve

05 Jul 2019

we disassemble the key parts of brake system--relay valve.

Auto Standard Parts-Bolt

17 May 2019

Automobile standard parts means accessories with national or industrial standards for structure, size and appearance, including bolts, gaskets, nuts, screws, etc., which are widely used in the production and assembly process of automobile products, mainly for connection and imprisonment.

Top 10 fuel-saving techniques for heavy duty trucks

25 Jan 2019

Going out in a hurry is insecure, it is better to be prepared before departure. Check the vehicle ahead of time and select the shortest and most reasonable route based on the road condition. If you do this, you can save money.


26 Dec 2018


How to choose the right tire for trucks?

14 Dec 2018

When we use the car, the parts that directly touching the land is tire. So the tire is so important for the truck’s performance. How should we classify tires and how to choose the right tires?

The First 20 SHACMAN H3000 Vehicles Rolled Off the Line In Saudi Arabia

16 Nov 2018

Recently, at the production workshop of M company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the first 20 SHACMAN H3000 vehicles rolled off the production line successfully. M company executives, end users and Shaanxi Automobile Saudi Office staff participated in the off-line ceremony.

Don’t know where to choose the good tanker truck? Just look here!

02 Nov 2018

Tank trucks are indispensable vehicles for transporting liquid media. In recent years, cases of leaking, exploding, and sucking tanks have been frequent due to quality reasons. It is shocking to see pictures. Therefore, how to choose a quality tanker will become the most concerned topic for customers. Do not know where to buy? Let us help you inspect and choose.

Six major precautions in troubleshooting and repairing trucks

12 Oct 2018

Trucks inevitably have some faults during long-distance transportation. In order to improve transportation efficiency, the drivers often do some preliminary accident investigation or maintenance. However, the high load and high horsepower characteristics of the trucks also make their risk factors in the maintenance process multiplied. If they do not pay attention to the safety hazards, they will cause great losses in personnel and property. Today we will list some of the safety hazards that need to be addressed during the truck repair process.