How to get your Wheel Loader save more fuel?

26 Jan 2022

Lack of the oil make the Wheel Loader operation cost keep on increase. 

After the investigation, we find there are two solutions to improve the fuel economy: New technique application and Proper operation.

Work model: V Work model: Proper operation

1. Don't brake down.

2. Don't let engine in full throttle for a long time

3. Try to use the neutral position as far as possible

4. Lightly brake, don't brake down.

5. Shift in time

SEM952: 6km/h1st and 2nd gear shift speed

               11.5km/h2nd and 3rd gear shift speed

               20km/h3nd and 4nd gear shift speed

ZL50F : 7km/h1st and 2nd gear shift speed

            12.7km/h2nd and 3rd gear shift speed

             22km/h3nd and 4nd gear shift speed

SEM Counter

shaft transmission with 2 gears, we can directly adopt the 2nd gear for the loose material; for the heavy material we can use the 1st gear digging and 2nd gear transportation.

6. While waiting for the truck, the engine are inidle speed but not a long wait time, if once more than 3 minutes, we should flameout and wait.

Work model: V Work model: Improper operation

1. Let the engine long time in full throttle.

2. Frequency high idle.

3. Often use emergency brake

4. Often use the 1st gear, it cause engine in the high idle.

5. Long –term idle speed.

hours per day is the best operation, everyday we can save fuel 2.5×8=20kg (based on 8-hours

calculation), diesel: 5RMB/kg. Proper operation can save you 100RMB /Per day! We can save 2500RMB

based on the 25 work days per month! We can save 25000RMB based on the every year 10 months.