To avoid mistakes in truck maintance

29 Jul 2021

All experienced drivers of trucks know that it's very important to be able to maintance the truck yourself, however, you have to do it in the right way.

When drivers install tires or tie down goods, they are worried that cargo are not installed firmly, and then reinforce them with feet, crowbars, etc. But this way is easy to cause foot slip, and make crowbars and other tools rebound and hurt people. It's also hard to guess, which is not feasible, so the probability of rebound will be greater.

The correct operation is to use special tools as much as possible to operate safely. Do not step on or kick tools with your feet.

It is known that the electronic control engine should be maintained frequently, but it is forbidden to dismantle all oil pipe joints on the high-pressure side when the engine is still working, such as high-pressure oil pipe, common rail oil pipe, etc.

The pressure of common rail oil pipe is very high. If it is forced to operate before the pressure relief is completed, it is easy to be injured by the ejected ultra-high pressure liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the engine to shut down and fully relieve the pressure before disassembly and maintenance.

When most drivers check the tire pressure, they often knock the tire with crowbars to judge whether the tire pressure is normal. At this time, due to the high wheel temperature and high tire pressure, crowbars will have a high risk of tire blowout.

Moreover, the tire pressure of truck is generally high, once the tire burst, the impact will be very large. If the tire is bulging, it will be more likely to cause the tire burst. Such accidents are not uncommon. So once the tyre is found to be bulging, please replace it immediately. When checking the tyre pressure, use a special pressure gauge as much as possible.

There are many taboos in the process of vehicle repair and maintenance. The drivers should learn more and try to use professional tools to operate during the repair and maintenance. Do not cause some irreparable consequences for the convenience and simplicity of the moment.