Tank truck Introduction

30 Sep 2019

Tank truck Introduction

Development Trend of China’s Truck Industry

23 Aug 2019

In the first half of 2019, China's total truck production was 1.949 million vehicles, with total sales of 1974,000 vehicles, decending 1.26% and 4.39% year-on-year, with an effective sales rate of 101.3%. In the first half of the year, the total production and sales fell sharply.

Nigeria: Africa's most potential car market

07 Aug 2019

Nigeria has a large population. In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly and the automobile market has great potential. Given Nigeria's road, population and ability to pay, Nigeria is considered to be Africa's largest potential automotive market.

How to choose the suitable tires for trailers

29 Jul 2019

Tires can be saw as semi-trailer shoes, play a vital role. As the saying goes, only the feet know whether the shoes are suitable. Then do you know how to choose the suitable ‘shoes’ for your trailers? Let’s discuss this topic together.

Relay Valve

05 Jul 2019

we disassemble the key parts of brake system--relay valve.

Auto Standard Parts-Bolt

17 May 2019

Automobile standard parts means accessories with national or industrial standards for structure, size and appearance, including bolts, gaskets, nuts, screws, etc., which are widely used in the production and assembly process of automobile products, mainly for connection and imprisonment.

Top 10 fuel-saving techniques for heavy duty trucks

25 Jan 2019

Going out in a hurry is insecure, it is better to be prepared before departure. Check the vehicle ahead of time and select the shortest and most reasonable route based on the road condition. If you do this, you can save money.


26 Dec 2018