LI XIANG L7 2024 Ultra

17 Apr 2024

Manufacturers ideal car class medium and large SUV

Energy type extended range environmental standard Country VI

Launch time 2024.03 WLTC electric range (km) 240

CLTC pure battery range (km) 286 Fast charge time (hour) 0.42

Slow charge time (hours) 7.9 Fast charge percentage 20-80

Maximum power (kW) 330 Maximum torque (N·m) -

Engine extension 154 HP electric motor (Ps) 449

Transmission Electric vehicle single-speed transmission length * width * height (mm) 5050*1995*1750

Body structure 5-door 5-seater SUV Maximum speed (km/h) 180

Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) 5.3 Fuel consumption under minimum charge (L/100km) 7.4

Power equivalent fuel consumption (L/100km) 2.58 Vehicle warranty for five years or 100,000 km

First owner Warranty Policy --


Height (mm) 1750 Wheelbase (mm) 3005

Front wheel (mm) 1725 Rear wheel (mm) 1741

Approach Angle (°) 19 Departure Angle (°) 21

Body structure SUV door opening mode Flat door

Number of doors (PCS) 5 Seats (PCS) 5

Fuel tank capacity (L) 65 Trunk capacity (L) 801

Maintenance weight (kg) 2500 Maximum load weight (kg) 3130


Displacement (L) 1.5 intake form turbocharged

Engine layout Horizontal cylinder arrangement L

Number of cylinders (4) Number of valves per cylinder (4)

Valve mechanism DOHC maximum horsepower (Ps) 154

Maximum power (kW) 113 Maximum power speed (rpm) -

Maximum torque (N·m) - Maximum torque speed (rpm) -

Maximum net power (kW) 110 fuel form extender

Fuel number 95 Feed mode direct injection

Cylinder head material Aluminum alloy cylinder body material Aluminum alloy

Environmental standards country VI --


Total motor power (Ps) 449 Total motor torque (N·m) 620

Front motor maximum power (kW) 130 Front motor maximum torque (N·m) 220

After the motor maximum power (kW) 200 after the motor maximum torque (N·m) 400

System power (kW) 330 System power (Ps) 449

System torque (N·m) 620 drive motor Number of dual motors

Motor Layout Front + Rear battery type ternary lithium battery

Battery brand Ningde era battery cooling method liquid cooling

WLTC electric range (km) 240 CLTC electric range (km) 286

WLTC overall battery life (km) 1185 battery energy (kWh) 52.3

100km power consumption (kWh/100km) 22.8 battery pack warranty for eight years or 160,000 km

The fast charge function supports fast charge power (kW) 90

Fast charge duration (hour) 0.42 Slow charge duration (hour) 7.9

Fast charge (%) 20-80 --


Single-speed transmission for electric vehicles --

Chassis steering

Central differential construction - Front suspension type double fork arm independent suspension

Rear suspension Type Five-link independent suspension power type Electric power

Car body structure bearing type --

Wheel braking

Parking Brake Type Electronic parking front tire specification 265/45 R21

Rear tire Specifications 265/45 R21 Spare tire specifications None