The Strongest in History SHACMAN 4X2 550HP Tractor Truck

30 Sep 2017

Shacman Auto new generation 4 x 2 tractor. Shacman Auto HD appearance with a new generation of 6 x 4 tractor (the future or will be named X4000) the same design style, power optional Weichai WP13, WP12, Xi'an Cummins ISM11 engine, the maximum power up to 405kw.

The 13th International Exhibition of Special Purpose Vehicle

27 Sep 2017

In 17th of September 2017 Seize the Future Automobile sales Co.,ltd​ attended the 13th International Exhibition of Special Purpose Vehicle Liangshan, China.

How Long Can a Truck Run?

18 Sep 2017

How long can a truck run? How to keep the truck? How to make the truck last longer? Let's see how do the old drivers say.

Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process

25 Aug 2017

How to get your wheel loader save more fuel? Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process to achieve it!

How to get your Wheel Loader save more fuel?

31 Jul 2017

Lack of the oil make the Wheel Loader operation cost keep on increase. After the investigation, we find there are two solutions to improve the fuel economy: New technique application and Proper operation.

Welcome Our Customers To Visit.

14 Jul 2017

Customers From Africa, Lym And Moses, Come To Our Company And Sign Orders, And We Welcome Them.

SHACMAN M3000 Trucks: Security & Reliability

30 Jun 2017

Security: Vehicle safety is mainly divided into: active safety and passive safety. Reliability: To enhance overall reliability, we did harsh vehicle testing, parts testing, NVH test, strict factory inspection and check electrical components.

How to Lightweight on SHACMAN M3000?

16 Jun 2017

SHACMAN Lightweight Technology: High strength steel frame; New structure lightweight suspension system; SHACMAN Lightweight Measures: High strength steel. Aluminum alloy material. Aluminum alloy gas cylinders...