Did you ignore the maintenance of truck chassis?

16 Dec 2020

Truck drivers pay the majority of attention to the hardcore parts like the engine, tires, air filter and fuel filter etc. but they tend to regard the maintenance of truck chassis as a dispensable part when talking about truck maintenance. From their perspectives, the chassis isn’t nearly as important as the engine and truck body. To be honest, whether the truck chassis is properly maintained is directly in relation to the key performance of trucks, for instance, security, handling, comfort and economical efficiency that we can not take it lightly. This shows how important it is to maintain the truck chassis! To keep in good maintenance of truck chassis, we can start from the following three aspects.

Firstly, as for turning system, we should choose the right oil.


The movement and heat of transmission and tightness of bearings need to be adjusted under normal circumstances. Once the adjustment is not suitable, it is likely to cause clutch slip, resulting in burning the disc. As a result, selecting the best quality oil is very critical to minimize losses and oil consumption of trucks.


Secondly, as for anti-lock braking system, we should ensure the sensibility.


The performance of braking system has a direct impact on the performance, operational reliability and running safety of trucks. The braking function of the truck is generally an important guarantee for driving safety. If the truck fails, the braking system should be checked as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, improper adjustment of the brake parts or excessive wear will result in reduced braking sensitivity of trucks. We should promptly replace the worn brake pads. Try out the sensibility of braking system before driving to ensure the truck is in good condition.


Thirdly, as for driving system, we should maintain tires.


Tires affect the driving system of trucks. The friction between tires and ground during driving is inevitable, which makes tires constantly wornout. We advise truck owners to have trucks regular repaired in professional repair shops to make the appropriate adjustments and test the tightness of tires in order to maintain its best condition.


In summary, the maintenance of truck chassis should be kept from the perspectives of turning system, braking system and driving system. If there is a certain problem of trucks when driving, it will fail to live up to truck owners’ expectations of showing the best performance and truck owners will have a loss for sure. Do not ignore the maintenance of truck chassis, go to maintain it right now!


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