SHACMAN M3000 Trucks: Security & Reliability

12 Oct 2020

Security: Vehicle safety is mainly divided into: active safety and passive safety.

Active Safety

  1. Wide vision of the cabin assures no driver-blind spot (including front view, side and dashboard);

  2. Shacman M3000 models are all installed with unique oil-water separator (filter the oil in brakegas), air-dryer (filter the water in brake gas), and two-level protection to significantly improve the braking performance in the industry.

  3. WABCO four / six channel ABS is optional, Eaton clutch and blind zone monitoring system can improve vehicle safety.

Passive Safety

The cabin adopts European technology and manufacturing technology (MAN technology); it has already passed digital simulation, real vehicle collision verification and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE-R29)collision regulations.

Reliability: To enhance overall reliability, we did harsh vehicle testing, parts testing, NVH test, strict factory inspection and check electrical components. 

Vehicle Test

Thevehicle has accumulated more than 100,000 km reliability test, and other majorvehicle test includes: vehicle environmental adaptability test, vehicle powertest, fuel discharge test, cab comfort test.

Components test

Components  test include door static stiffness test, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration test, brake system simulation test, clutch comprehensive performance test, static twist, torsion fatigue test and all kinds of parts fatigue test.

NVH test

Vehicle vibration, noise and other tests;

Factory inspection

Raintest (inspection cabin sealing), steering test, brake inspection, electrical inspection, four wheels positioning;

Market validation

Having been putted in overseas market for many years, through different market segments, working conditions, different social groups on the vehicle rigorous research test.