Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process

25 Apr 2022

How to get your wheel loader save more fuel? Wheel Loader Operational Manual - Shovel Process to achieve it!

SHACMAN M300 Delivery Ceremony Held in Xingtai

06 Apr 2022

On August 2, 2013, the delivery ceremony of M3000 large truck to Xingtai Delong Steel is grandly hosted in Xingtai, Hebei province.

How to Choose Dump Trucks?

15 Mar 2022

How to choose dump trucks for Used for mining, city building, transportation distance more than 200km... You have to know!

Don’t know where to choose the good tanker truck? Just look here!

16 Feb 2022

Tank trucks are indispensable vehicles for transporting liquid media. In recent years, cases of leaking, exploding, and sucking tanks have been frequent due to quality reasons. It is shocking to see pictures. Therefore, how to choose a quality tanker will become the most concerned topic for customers. Do not know where to buy? Let us help you inspect and choose.

How to get your Wheel Loader save more fuel?

26 Jan 2022

Lack of the oil make the Wheel Loader operation cost keep on increase. After the investigation, we find there are two solutions to improve the fuel economy: New technique application and Proper operation.


21 Dec 2021

During the summer, hot weather can make truck driving more challenging. Keeping the A/C running and having cold water on hand can make things more comfortable in the cab, but the heat can still take a toll on your equipment. The tires, engine, and belts can all suffer from overheating. Commercial tires in particular can overheat easily, as they are in constant contact with the hot road and heating up from continuous friction. To keep things running properly and prevent a blow out, there are a few extra precautions you can take.

Shacman Debut Show In Brazil Localization Kind Of Auto Show On The Scene " Hosting The Games ."

12 Nov 2021

SHACMAN with four models and a set of dynamic model in a high-profile debut,exclusive exhibition area of 650 square meters.

Orders to Ghana have been successfully completed and shipped

24 Sep 2021

In August of this year, our company business manager Kevin Jiang finished an order from Garner customers - fifty-four heavy truck tractors, fifty-four trailers. Great significance, remarkable achievements, worthy of congratulation.