The new cab design T8F subverts your impression of BYD electric trucks

19 Jan 2020

Before every major ceremony in Tiananmen, Changan Street in front of Tiananmen will be scrubbed by a sweeper. These sweeping vehicles lined up, like a square array, passing Tiananmen Square, and they also attracted the attention of countless people. At the 70th Anniversary Ceremony of National Day last year, the brand new BYD pure electric road cleaning vehicle appeared in front of us, and many people look forward to taking a closer look at this truck. Not long ago, the author came to the Jinghuan equipment manufacturing plant that modified the car and saw this brand new BYD electric truck for the first time.

The biggest improvement of t8f is the cab, which adopts the cp24c cab independently designed by BYD. The cab adopts the damping form of four-point suspension coil spring. The "X" design style is used in the front face, and a large number of modern elements are added, making the vehicle more scientific and technological.

In the middle of the front face, there is a black mirror decorative panel. The logo of BYD and the silver font of T8 are perfectly integrated into the decorative panel of the front face. The left and right sides are surrounded by champagne gold, while the cab and bumper are separated by a silver chrome trim. The above picture is a perspective view of the front face of the cab. The gray box is the low-pressure multi in one control system. What is the low voltage multi in one control system? This system realizes the integration of BCM, gateway, air conditioning, smart key and other control modules, which saves the layout space of the cab to a certain extent and reduces the self weight of the vehicle. Moreover, the system adopts the platform design and reserves the TPMS tire pressure monitoring function.

The bumper shape is also fully close to the design concept of the sense of science and technology. BYD, the left and right side lights, call them "angel eye matrix headlights", and the LED daytime running lights with rake shape are embedded inside the lights. A pair of pedals are installed under the middle part of the bumper. The pedals are skid resistant and wide enough. It's a pity that the car has only one level pedals. It's hard to clean the upper part of the front face. However, the sanitation vehicles are all unified back to the factory for cleaning, with a professional cleaning platform, so this aspect is not very critical. The cab is a row and half design. Instead of using the split design on the side, the wheel cover and other components are integrated into the cab. The black area of the front face expands back, connecting the windows all the way to the middle and rear of the cab to form a triangle. The silver trim that separates the bumper and cab also extends to the side of the cab. In addition, certain wind resistance is also considered in the cab, so the flush design is adopted as far as possible to improve air mobility and reduce energy consumption.

Compared with the previous generation, the interior of the t8f cab is also an innovative design. From the bottom of the cab, it can be seen that the interior of the cab is no longer a simple and practical design, but a more comfortable material. The interior of the whole cab adopts a black + gray design. Both the driver and the copilot use airbag damping seats, which greatly improves the driving comfort. The t8f steering wheel model abandons the traditional three or four frame design of commercial vehicles, but adopts the "one" shape design of high-end cars. The left and right sides are multi-functional button areas, with rich button functions. A U-shaped silver decorative strip is designed below. The common design on the car is also adopted in many places of the working area at the back, which makes the driver's senses fresh.

The shift area no longer adopts the button type design, but uses the same vertical shift lever as the car, which is beautiful and comfortable to use. Under the gearshift lever, the mirror cover panel is used. Generally speaking, the driving area is the design on the car.

To change the biggest t8f cab, I want to give a good comment. T8f improves the interior luxury level of pure electric truck, and integrates the cab design concept of BYD car into the design of truck, all of which are eye-catching. Of course, the user can also choose a practical cab with high cost performance according to the actual needs. The t8f is equipped with the road cleaning upper assembly refitted by Jinghuan equipment. The gap between the upper assembly and the cab is controlled to the minimum and the air flow is improved. The size of the car is 8950 × 2530 × 3280mm, and the maximum total mass can reach 18 tons. The maximum ground clearance is 255mm, and the approach angle and departure angle are 16 ° and 10 ° respectively.