Chenglong T5 National Six Edition, wide sleeper, large space, American-style long head car.

13 Jan 2020

Throughout the history of the development of commercial vehicles in China, in the initial stage of the start, the liberation of long-head vehicles such as CA10 and Dongfeng EQ240 carried the memories of many old drivers. With the changes in policies and regulations, flat-head cars have gradually replaced long-head cars as the mainstream of the market.

Until the implementation of the new GB1589 (2016) in 2016, the overall length of the long-headed car was relaxed to 18.1 meters, and the long-headed car returned to people's sight again. Many manufacturers have returned to the market of long-headed cars. Among them, Dongfeng Liuqi took the lead in launching Chenglong T5 and T7 long-headed cars, leading the trend of long-headed cars to a certain extent.

These two vehicles have good market holdings in market segments such as port hauling, hazardous chemicals transportation, and sedan transportation. Along with the pressure of emission upgrades and users' demand for National Six vehicles, Liuqi also exhibited National Six versions of T5 6X4 tractors at the 2020 business annual meeting.

This National Six version of the Chenglong T5 long-headed vehicle is equipped with a Weichai WP10H400E62 engine with a displacement of 9.5L and a maximum output of 400 horsepower. At 1200-1300rpm, it can burst a maximum torque of 1900N.m, reaching National Six emissions. standard.

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Unlike the flat-headed car, the long-headed car uses a front-engine design, and this is one of the advantages of the long-headed car. If rear-end collisions occur, it can provide a certain buffer space for the cab, thereby reducing driving and riding. Personal injury improves the safety factor of the cab.

The matching transmission is Fast 12JSD200TA-B aluminum case transmission. The maximum input torque is 2000N.m, the speed ratio of the first gear is 12.1, and the speed ratio of the 12th gear is 0.78.

At present, the transmission of Chenglong T5 can only be selected by Fast, while another long-headed vehicle of Liuqi Chenglong T7 provides two transmissions, Fast and ZF. If Chenglong T7 is positioned as a high-end model, Chenglong T5 is more cost-effective. The chassis configuration also uses a differentiated design to meet the needs of users in different markets.

In the current commercial vehicle market, the long-headed car not only shines on the sedan with the advantage of "installing one more car", it is a safer highlight than the flat-headed car, and also makes it appear in the ordinary express market The rate is getting higher and higher.

From the old trucks that are more familiar to older drivers to today's Chenglong T5 and T7, Liuqi has never given up the market for long cars, and it is precisely because of decades of concentrated research and development that it has brought domestic users "A lot of good trucks", the exhibition of National Six T5 also gave users who want to buy National Six long head cars another new choice.