Full automated wharf, New business card of The Belt and Road

13 Dec 2017

On December 3, 2017, Qingdao Port'S Fully-Automated Docks Operated Efficiently In Loading And Unloading Operations, Created A World Record For The Average Operating Efficiency Of Container Handling Units. This Also Marks That This "Unmanned" Wharf Has Surpassed The Traditional Wharf In An All-Round Way!

How to easily choose a suitable truck?

05 Dec 2017

Trucks have different brands, different configurations, choose a suitable for your needs, adapt to the local truck traffic is crucial, today, to bring you is how to simply choose the right truck?

The tenth annual exhibition of truck was opened in Jinan

29 Nov 2017

Do you find more and more CNHTC HOWO series, Howe series, Steyr, FAW JH6, Land Rover V, Dragon V, and the newer energy truck in the logistics market in China?

How To Select Suitable Axle For HOWO Truck?

22 Nov 2017

Among so many cars, you really understand How to select suitable axle for HOWO truck? Take a look at this article, we will start from north, heavy truck, FAW, called you really learned to select suitable axle for HOWO truck.

Constantly Creating, Constantly serving!

15 Nov 2017

Recently, customers from abroad visited our company, communicated the order vehicle status and visited the domestic truck factory.

Do not do these when you are maintaining your vehicle!

07 Nov 2017

Do not do these when you are maintaining your vehicle!

Technique on the Canton Fair——How do I communicate with customers?

01 Nov 2017

At the first meeting, if you play a better role, you can increase your chances of getting orders.

Orders to Ghana have been successfully completed and shipped

24 Oct 2017

In August of this year, our company business manager Kevin Jiang finished an order from Garner customers - fifty-four heavy truck tractors, fifty-four trailers. Great significance, remarkable achievements, worthy of congratulation.