30 May 2018


Why a natural gas vehicle is underpowered and can not handle the workload?

08 Apr 2018

The number of natural gas vehicles has an explosive growth. Many drivers have replaced their diesel vehicles with natural gas vehicles. However, due to the characteristics of gas vehicles, many problems that are not easily caused on diesel vehicles will happen easily on gas vehicles. And now the author would like to shares a case with you.

Ghana Visit History

07 Mar 2018

At the end of the year, the general manager Sui Zonghe, deputy director of the company, together with Jiang Jingli, went to Ghana to visit regular customers, consult the usage of heavy truck and trailer, and visited the site of use to see Ghana's visit together.

Hi, Mali!——A journey of service and visit

31 Jan 2018

Our team visited the customers of Mali, listened to the demand for quality and service of our truck products, and visited local trailer manufacturers, exchanging experience and experience.

Thanks giving for 2017, Seeds for 2018

03 Jan 2018

2017 has become memory, and 2018 has opened a brand new year. Let's face the world and face the future. China is manufacturing and serving the whole world, creating better tomorrow for truck users. 2018, encourage refueling, create brilliant.

Big horsepower and big sleeper are new features and trends for high-level heavy truck

27 Dec 2017

In recent years, the high speed development of the logistics industry, have you ever noticed which brand models are running on the road? FAW? Heavy steam? Shacman? North run? Let's get to know it today. The main force in the logistics and transportation.

Full automated wharf, New business card of The Belt and Road

13 Dec 2017

On December 3, 2017, Qingdao Port'S Fully-Automated Docks Operated Efficiently In Loading And Unloading Operations, Created A World Record For The Average Operating Efficiency Of Container Handling Units. This Also Marks That This "Unmanned" Wharf Has Surpassed The Traditional Wharf In An All-Round Way!

How to easily choose a suitable truck?

05 Dec 2017

Trucks have different brands, different configurations, choose a suitable for your needs, adapt to the local truck traffic is crucial, today, to bring you is how to simply choose the right truck?