Do not do these when you are maintaining your vehicle!

16 Jun 2021

Seize The Future is always keeping eyes on the safety issue of trucks drivers. We do not only supply all Chinese brands trucks like Sinotruk, Beiben or Shacman, we also provide truck parts and long distance technical supports. So when drivers are doing maintenance following our instruction we do not want our customers get hurt.There are some hidden dangers during the frequent maintenance. Therefore Seize The Future is going to list them out today!

Parts you can not take apart

With the electric controlled engine getting popularized, maintaining it correctly is getting more and more important. But you don’t want to disassemble oil pipe connections on the high pressure side when the engine is still working, like high pressure oil pipe or common rail oil pipe.

The pressure of common rail oil pipe is extremely high, please separate it after shutting the engine down. Normally the pressure can be at more than 2000 bar when the power is on. It’s like the pressure that a limousine is on a area sizes a piece of nail. Once the oil connection get disassembled the high speed fuel would be like sharp knife. What if the stream of oil pump into human eyes?

Right way: Waiting for a while after the engine dies you can check and separate the part.

A potential killer- tire bugle

Tire bugle is a big potential danger especially the front tires. Because it will cause an accident. So check and change tires as soon as you find a bugle on your tires.

Normally most drivers ckeck tires with a stick hitting on the tire after stopping the truck straight away. However it’s dangerous because the tire is still hot and the inner pressure is high. Using a stick hitting tires would cause a explosion.

Right way: Using a pro pressure meter and change tires if it has a bugle.

Be careful to open Radiator lid

Lots accidents cause by opening the radiator straight away after the car stops. The temperature could be very high after the car driving for several hours,especially in Africa countries like Ghana, Kenya, if you open the radiator lid right after the car stops, the steam will burn your skin.

Right way: Waiting for the engine cool down and decompression then open the radiator meanwhile using a wet towel for the protection.

Don’t lose screw with violence

Most of people worry about the immobility when they install tires or tie goods. As a result, people will stamp on the crowbar to tighten it. But you will get hurt once your foot get slipped.

There are still other dangers during the maintenance, we want to get drivers’ attention on it in case you hurt yourself. If you have any question about trucks maintenance or you want a brand new truck, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information as followed are all available.