XCMG Crane SQ6.3K2Q 8 tons truck mounted crane

No.: bella21

Vehicle Type: Crane

Brand Name: XCMG

XCMG Machinery

Person in charge:






Person in charge: Ms. Bella Dai
Tel: 0086-17669717523

E-mail: sales22@chinatruck.cc

XCMG Crane SQ6.3K2Q K3Q
Max lifting capacity: 6300 kg
Max lifting moment: 15.7 T.M
Recommend Power Needed at Recommend Oil Flow: 20 kw
Max oil flow of hydraulic system: 40 L/min
Rated pressure of hydraulic system: 20 MPa
Oil tank: 90 L
Rotation Angle: All rotation
Crane weight: 2117/2270 kg
Installation space: 900 mm

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