The First 20 SHACMAN H3000 Vehicles Rolled Off the Line In Saudi Arabia

16 Nov 2018

Recently, at the production workshop of M company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the first 20 SHACMAN H3000 vehicles rolled off the production line successfully. M company executives, end users and Shaanxi Automobile Saudi Office staff participated in the off-line ceremony.

M Company is a well-known local manufacturer of truck body equipment. Because the company's main business is the production of body equipment, it does not have the conditions for the production of complete vehicles. Under such difficult conditions, through the joint effort of Shaanxi Saudi Arabian Office and the manufacturers, the first batch of 20 SHACMAN H3000 parts was successfully installed.

This batch of H3000 models log in the Middle East market for the first time since the replacement of Shaanxi Auto products. Prior to this, the Middle East market mainly bought SHACMAN F2000 and F3000 series products. With the quality of military vehicles, excellent off-road performance and carrying capacity, high attendance, we have created one excellent result for our customers and won the local government and industry. The reputation has also earned a good reputation for SHACMAN in the Middle East and won the first position of domestic heavy trucks.

Based on the excellent quality of the previous F series products, the H3000 model adopts the new MAN TGS cab, which is optimized for ergonomics. The whole system is equipped with an electric window-shading machine. Convenience and comfort are better than ever. In addition, the chassis of the model comes standard with Eaton clutch, full synchronizer gearbox, Hande axle, WABCO valve, VOSS connector, aluminum alloy air reservoir, maintenance-free battery, high temperature pipeline and rubber parts, wiring harness of the whole vehicle. More compact and tidy, making the vehicle more reliable. This batch of vehicles comes standard with LED daytime running lights and LED taillights, which ensure the safety of the vehicle while beautifying the appearance of the vehicle and improving the market competitiveness. 

Mr. Abdullah is a customer of the company and an end user. After the vehicle is off the assembly line, he can't wait to get on the train and experience the H3000. After the simple operation of the vehicle, he gave a thumbs up and told us: "Your car is exactly the same with MAN, BENZ, VOLVO in use aspect, much better than those old used cars, comfortable seats, strong steering wheel, light shifting and strong power. I believe that the cooperation between us will be better and better. I will recommend SHACMAN trucks to fellow citizens." 


At the off-line ceremony, Shaanxi Automobile Saudi Office handed over the golden key to wealth to Mr. Osama, the general manager of the company. Mr. Osama said that M Company has established a vehicle production base in the Daman area of eastern Saudi Arabia and introduced an automated heavy truck production equipment. This trial installation for the subsequent SHACMAN heavy truck Saudi localization lays a solid foundation in personnel, technology, cooperation, etc. After the installation and commissioning of all equipment and facilities of the new plant in the future, the cooperation between M Company and Shaanxi Automobile will reach New height.