How to choose the right tire for trucks?

14 Dec 2018

When we use the car, the parts that directly touching the land is tire. So the tire is so important for the trucks performance. How should we classify tires and how to choose the right tires?

First, let's learn how to classify tires:

I 结构划分

So how to choose the suitable tire for the truck? Firstly we know according to the structure difference, tires can be divided into bias tire and radial tire. The biggest difference between bias tire and radial tire are the arrangement of the fillers.


II 材料划分

According to the difference of the materials, the tires also can be divided into nylon tires and steel wire tire. But most of the bias tire use the nylon wire, the radial tires also make up by steel wire, so we can general speaking Nylon tire  is the bias tire and the Steel wire tire is radial tire.

Compared with the bias tire, the radial tire has the advantages of puncture resistance, wear resistance, good comfort, good fuel economy and long service life, but the cost is high. The bias tire has a thicker sidewall, better braking and lateral stability, and the cost is relatively lower.

III 子午线无内胎轮胎

Among the radial tire, there is one special model, it doesnt have the inner tube, we call it tubeless tire. The main advantage of tubeless tire is the more comfortable and good heat dissipation. If it is pierced, it will be slow to leak and not easy to puncture. But it can not use for over load and the cost maintenance is a little higher. Generally tubeless tires are all radial tire structures




295 指的是轮胎的横截面宽度,可以理解为轮胎宽度为295mm.

(295=Tire width is 295mm)

80 指的是轮胎的扁平比(关于扁平比大家可以了解一下)

(80=Tires flat ratio is 80)

R 代表钢丝胎

(R=Radial tire)

22.5 指得是轮辋的直径为22.5英寸

(22.5=wheel rims diameter is 22.5 inch)



(12=Tire width is 12inch)


(22.5=wheel rims diameter is 22.5 inch)



This model short of R, it means bias tire.


(Same as above)


(Same as above)

I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of truck tires, and there is still a lot of knowledge in tire replacement. In addition, with the changes in the market, the skew nylon tires are gradually withdrawing from the market, and the wire tires are more widely used for their superiority. When we quote the customer, we should also select the right tire for the customer according to the specific needs of the customer. A variety of tires and rims are available for your reference:


10R22.5      7.5*22.5

11R22.5      8.25*22.5

12R22.5      9.00*22.5

13R22.5      9.75*22.5

255/80R22.5  7.5*22.5

275/80R22.5  8.25*22.5

295/80R22.5  9.00*22.5

315/80R22.5  9.00*22.5


9.0020      7.0-20

10.00R20    7.5-20

11.00R20    8.0-20

12.00R20    8.5-20


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