Six major precautions in troubleshooting and repairing trucks

12 Oct 2018

Trucks inevitably have some faults during long-distance transportation. In order to improve transportation efficiency, the drivers often do some preliminary accident investigation or maintenance. However, the high load and high horsepower characteristics of the trucks also make their risk factors in the maintenance process multiplied. If they do not pay attention to the safety hazards, they will cause great losses in personnel and property. Today we will list some of the safety hazards that need to be addressed during the truck repair process.

Tire bulge


We can always hear that people get injured when the tires get bulge and broken. When the steel wire inside the truck tire is used for a long time, it will break. If the tire is not replaced in time, the damage will become more serious as the tire runs, and the tire bulge will eventually form. The pressure resistance of the tire after forming the drum pack will become very uneven, so the tire should be replaced in time by using the tire changer. 

Use the secondary start switch with caution

The sub-start switch on the truck is a component that is often used during maintenance. However, when the sub-start switch is short-circuited, it is necessary to ensure that the transmission is engaged in the neutral position, otherwise the truck will move with the gear. If there is no driver in the cab, it will cause serious consequence.

Although some engine ECUs need to receive the neutral switch signal, some models still have the phenomenon that the neutral switch is short-circuited. Therefore, it is recommended to check the gear position when using the auxiliary start switch.

 There will be hidden dangers in open the cover of water tank random

When the engine is overheated and the heat dissipation efficiency is poor, the water tank may be hot or even boil. At this time, avoid turning off the fire immediately (the radiator will stop working after the flameout). After finding a safe place to stop, keep the engine idle to fully dissipate heat.

Do not open the tank cover until the tank temperature has dropped to a safe level, otherwise the uncooled liquid will spray out. The correct method is to wrap the tank lid with a wet towel and slowly open the first switch (about 1/4 turn) until the water vapor pressure is completely released before opening the tank lid.

Install the tires in the right way

Use special tools when installing tires and operate in a safe environment. Some drivers worry that the screws are not strong enough when installing the tires. They often choose to tight the screws by treating the crowbars. This will not only damage the screws, but also the rebound of the crowbar may hurt the operator.

Do not remove the tubing joint

With the popularity of electronically controlled engines, engine maintenance has become more complicated, with the removal of tubing joints requiring more careful operation.

When a diesel engine equipped with a high-pressure common rail is operated, the fuel pressure generated inside can be up to 2000 bar or more. The resulting pressure is equivalent to a car pressing on the fingernails. If it hurts the person, it will have unimaginable consequences. The best way to do this is to disassemble the tubing after the engine has completely stopped and the pressure relief has been completed. 

Cab lift can’t be inattentive

When overhauling the engine, clutch and transmission of a truck, it is often necessary to turn the cab over. Park the vehicle on a flat surface and shift the gear to neutral when you need to lift the cab. It is important to remember that you need lifting the cab to the end during operation. Otherwise, the locking device will not work, and it is likely to fall under the influence of external force. If the engine is in the presence of personnel, it will cause irreparable damage.

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