MAN Heavy Cargo Truck Drives into Sichuan

16 Jul 2013

In April, 2013, German MAN showcases its MAN TGS40.540 6×6 BBS-WW and holds a launching ceremony at the 15th Auto Shanghai 2013. As the earliest supplier introducing large heavy-cargo trucks into China, MAN enjoys a sound reputation in Chinese market. The launch of this truck attracts much attention from Chinese users.


In order to further demonstrate MAN TGS 40.540 6×6, Sichuan Deman Auto Trade Co., Ltd, MAN's dealer, drives a truck into big transportation enterprises surrounding Chengdu and allows users to experience the truck as well as makes detailed explanation.


During the whole activity, experience and test driving are conducted in Deyang Dongqi Transportation Company,

Deyang Erzhong Wanlu Transportation Company, Deyang Feilong Transportation Company, Deyang Zhongda

Transportation Company.After that, users all speak highly of the truck.

MAN TGS40.540 6x6 could cater for users' diversified needs and an optimal choice for Chinese heavy cargo

transportation market. Easy start under full load: MAN top class 12-speed automatic transmission equipped with all-wheel drive system, hydraulic torque converter and hydraulic retarder. Such a design can better protect clutch from abrasion and make sure an easy start under full load.

Better comfort and safety: huge driving room contains two beds, comfortable air mattress seat with lumbar support and adjustable shoulder with heating functions, and automatic air-conditioning system. Quiet running without noise, evenly distributed air flow; electric automatic heating rear mirror provides better visibility and higher safety. All these features makes driver more comfortable and safe.

High torque at low rpm: maximum output torque 2500 Nm with speed ranging from 1050-1350 Facing to harsh transport situations: a cooling system is installed at the back side of driving room which allows motor to work under normal temperature even under full-load and harsh transportation situations