Sino Truck Exports 14,000 Units In The First Half

05 Sep 2013

By virtue of heavy-duty truck up to Euro V emission standard into international market, Sino Truck has accepted

export orders of over 14,000 units so far, which kept it ranked as the No. 1 within the industry. Ma Chunji, president of Sino Truck, said “Innovation is where the soul of Sino Truck is.”

According to Ma Chunji words, Sino Truck has always set independent innovation as its lifeline of its development.

Introducing international advanced technology, Sino Truck also focuses on innovation ability after taking in other's technology and establishes technical innovative system of new products and technology catering for market. Thus, its core competitiveness is enhanced.

Since the reform and reorganization of 2000, Sino Truck has invested over 15 billion Yuan on technical transforming and product R&D and realized product upgrading. Both technology and quality of product come close to world's advanced technology of heavy-duty trucks.

At present, heavy-duty trucks of Sino Truck has increased to over 3,000 kinds of nine series from the original 78 kinds of one series, which made it become an enterprise with the most kinds of drive and power. So far Sino Truck has gained 2,218 national patents from nothing, in which 68 are patents for invention. Thus, Sino Truck is the enterprise with the most patents within this automobile industry.

In these years, Sino Truck launched its natural gas engines and electric EGR engines up to National Ⅲ, completely

depending on its own R&D and filling the blank of domestic field. It became the unique heavy-duty truck enterprise with independent ECU control system as its own patent.

Owing to consecutive 20 various production lines of vehicle, key assembly and parts with international advanced

level established, Sino Truck became a heavy-duty truck enterprise with the most advanced vehicle equipment. Quite a lot of key technologies are almost close to international advanced level.

Ma Chunji said that independent innovation was not equal to being blind. From the early introduction of Styer

technology of Austria to corporation with MAN of Germany, Sino Truck always pays much attention to taking in and absorbing of foreign advanced technology.

It's in 2009 that Sino Truck and MAN of Germany started their comprehensive strategic corporation and introduced whole advanced technology of MAN simultaneously. Now Sino Truck has already built production lines of engine, axle, drive room and vehicle assembly in MAN project for quantity production.

Compared with the world's mainstream engine technology, engine manufactured with MAN technology is almost advanced 15 years in design, technology, material and performance. Meanwhile, Sino Truck implements international strategy, focusing on green environmental friendly heavy-duty trucks of high quality. At the beginning of 2011, based on success development of heavy-duty truck engine up to Euro V, Sino Truck achieved its independent R&D of National V and Euro V engine.

In May of 2012, the first 400 out of 2,000 Euro V heavy-duty trucks to export to Brazil by Sino Truck were successfully delivered. This is the first batch manufacturing of Euro V heavy-duty trucks in China and the first

export in batches of over Euro IV.

In Nov.2012, Sino Truck and part of dealers and customers signed a long-term corporation agreement and an order of 2,800 vehicles.

On account of the most severe emission standard in our HK market, it is always occupied by heavy-duty trucks of

Europe and the States. In this June, 300 Euro V heavy-duty trucks by Sino Truck successfully entered HK market,

which is the first big batch of Euro V heavy-duty trucks into HK by enterprises in mainland. What’s more, Sino

Truck is the first to be registered in HK.

According to Ma Chunji, the batch heavy-duty trucks into HK market again proved that our domestic product could totally satisfy the present most severe emission standard and even compete with heavy-duty giants in Europe and the States.

At present, Sino Truck has six sections around the world, providing service to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Central Asia, Russia and South America by its over 600 service stations. With

more than 40 offices throughout the world, Sino Truck basically realized its market coverage in developing


In 2012, Sino Truck export of heavy-duty trucks exceeded 26,000 units. Ma Chunji pointed out that banking on

advanced technical advantages, Sino Truck stood out in the developing international markets with the background of depressed heavy-duty truck market. Hence, annual export is expected to exceed 30,000 units in 2013.