Tank truck Introduction

30 Sep 2019

I. Water tank trucks

Application: cold/hot water transportation, liquid food transportation such as milk, emergency water supply

Product Series

14x2Recommend volume 3-10CBM


 Dongfeng 6CBM water tank truck                                                            Dongfeng 7CBM water tank truck


                   FAW 5CBM water tank truck                                                SHACMAN 6CBM water tank truck

26x4Recommend volume 10-20CBM


               HOWO 16CBM Water tank                                                            HOWO 15CBM Water tank


                  HOWO 20CBM Water tank                                                          SHACMAN 20CBM Water tank

38x4Recommend volume 18-28CBM


                SHACMAN 25CBM Water tank                                                      HOWO 18CBM Water tank

II. Water Sprinkler Truck

Application: cold/hot water transportation, emergency water supply, environmental sanitation, garden watering, dust reduction, etc.

Main configuration: front spray, rear sprinkler, high pressure water gun, one left and right pressure drain, one self-retaining drain.

(Function display)

1. There are two duckbill-shaped sprinklers on both sides of the front spray.Up, down, left and right directions can be adjusted.

Mainly for washing the road. Width can be 5-10m.

2. There are one cylindrical sprinkler on both sides of the rear of the vehicle. The gap nozzle angle is about 15° from the ground.

Its function is mainly to sprinkle and reduce dust on the road surface. Width can be 14-18m.

      3. Hand-held high-altitude spray gun placed on the console or tank body, can be rotated in all directions. Its function is mainly used for tall tree spray, emergency fire, strong scouring and green watering. The sprayed water can be made into a column or a mist by adjusting the spray head, and the range is 30-40 meters. We can also add a dosing system, including a hose reel and a hand-held spray gun, according to customer needs.

      4. The pressure drain is placed on both sides of the tank, which can be quickly docked with the conveyor belt. Its function is mainly used to water the vegetation that cannot be approached by the vehicle, or to transport the water from a long distance.

Products series

1Recommend volume 3-10CBM


                  Foton 5CBM water sprinkler truck                                                           Dongfeng 4CBM water sprinkler

26x4Recommend volume 10-20CBM


          Shacman 20CBM water sprinkler truck                                                          HOWO 18CBM water sprinkler truck

III. Fuel Tank Truck

Application: Transportation of gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, asphalt, crude oil

Tank shape: There are two types of elliptical and arc-shaped cross-sections. The tank has low body weight and good stability. (The circular section tank is generally used in pressure vessels and some liquid food transport vehicles, which have good pressure but high center of gravity)

(Tank fittings)


              人孔盖(标准)                                                   罐体管路、阀门                                                       卸油管路、阀门

                 Manhole Cover                                                     Tank line, valve                                                       Unloading line, valve

(Products Series)

4x2                                                                                                                                  6x4


 Dongfeng 8CBM Fuel tank truck                                                                                Shacman 18CBM Fuel tank truck                        

6x4                                                                                                                              8x4


HOWO 20CBM Fuel tank truck                                                                                       HOWO 28CBM Fuel tank truck

半挂: 3 Axle 35 CBM Fuel Tank Trailer


                IV. Sewage Truck

Application: The vacuum pump is used to extract the air in the tank, so that the sewage is sucked into the tank. It is commonly used to transport liquid substances such as industrial hazardous waste liquid, urban sanitation sewage liquid and construction sludge.



The tank volume can be made according to requirements. The 4x2 chassis is generally used, and the volume can be 3-10 squares. The current maximum volume can be 19 squares.

V. Liquid Chemical Truck

Similar to the oil truck, the transportation of crude oil, asphalt, coal tar and some chemical products requires the use of thermal insulation tanks and special protective coatings. The insulation layer includes glass wool, rock wool and polyurethane, and the bulk density and thermal conductivity of the glass wool. They are all lower than rock wool and have a long service life and are now widely used.

Products Series

4x2(Recommend volume 3-10CBM)                                                                               6x4(Recommend volume 10-20CBM)


3 Axle Trailer(Recommend volume 25-35CBM)