Do you know how to divide the trucks?

15 Mar 2021

Hi everyone! Editor George is here again. Today, George want to give you a brief introduction about how to divide the trucks. There are a lot of trucks in different kind, so they wouldn’t be divided only in ‘trucks’ or ‘small trucks’. Actually, trucks can be named particularly according to the model structure, drive type and the load capacity. Now, you can read the details below: 

Part one: Divided by the model structure

A. Tractor Truck

Tractor Truck, as its name, is the trucks which can provide the pull or drag force to make the overall moving. In other words, the truck head and the trailer can be combined in a whole, but also independent with each 

other. The tractor truck can be separated from the original trailer to tow other trailers, while the trailer can also be towed by other tractor trucks.

B. Trailers

The trailer is closely related to a Tractor truck. It’s the vehicle which has no power drive and only can be dragged by other cars. The truck head which has driving force named Tractor trucks while the behind one which hasn’t driving force named trailer. Trailers are all dragged by Tractor Trucks.

According to the connection mode with the tractor truck, the trailer can be divided into two types: Semi-trailer and Full-trailer. Semi-trailer, its first half part is attached to the fifth-wheel of the tractor truck, so the rear axle will bear part of the trailers’ weight. The trailer which attached to the rear of the tractor trucks named Full-trailer. This time, the truck only need to provides the forward dragging force, but needn’t afford the weight of the Full-trailer.

C. Cargo Trucks

Cargo trucks need to carry the goods, so it has a car hopper as a whole. Therefore, compared with the tractor trucks, cargo truck has the carriage, the power and the upper body is a whole. Tractor truck has only a truck head, they need to drag a trailer to transport the goods.

Cargo truck can be named in three different type: Lorry Cargo Truck, Stake Type Cargo Truck and Van Cargo Truck.

D. Dump Truck

Dump truck can also be named tipper truck, it is the vehicle which can lift and unload the goods by hydraulic or mechanical lift system. Dump Truck is composed by chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo box and force unit.

There are also two kinds of tilting method: Backward tilting and lateral tilting. Through the control system to control the piston rod move. Nowadays, backward tilt is more common than bidirectional tilt.

Divided by the drive type

In addition to the vehicle model and weight, the truck can also be divided according to the drive type. Such as the 4x2,6x4 or 8x4 that we often hear about. Drive type refers to the arrangement of the engine, the number and position of the driving wheel. Trucks usually adopt front engine and rear wheel drive layout method.

Common drive type of trucks has 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4,etc.

The figure which in front of the ‘x’ shows that the number of total wheel number. The figure which after the ‘x’ shows that the number of driving wheels, the double-wheel will be calculated as one, so that there are 2 wheels on the piece of axle.  Divide both number by 2, you can get the number of whole axles and driving axles. For example, 8x4 means that the truck has 4 axles, 2 of them are the driving axles.

The above is the brief description of trucks classification. So if you have any problem or request of trucks, don’t be hesitated to let us know. We will wait to serve you and provide our suggestion at any time. Editor George will look forward to meeting you at next time.


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