A big truck without high beauty value that can make you never forget

06 May 2020

Recently, the introduction of new cars in China has attracted great attention from card friends. Let ’s not talk about the brand effect and configuration. Once they appear, they can attract attention. It must be because of the value of the face, like Jiefang J7, Auman EST, Jianghuai Gefa K7 is a new high-value representative. If you do n’t know these cars yet, go and search.


Today is the world of looking at the face, but radishes and greens have their own love. I do n’t necessarily like what you like. Some people prefer alternative designs and advertise themselves. Although the front face of some trucks can not be said to be high-value, but some special designs always make people remember, let's talk about a few.

Qingling released the Isuzu giant coffee at the Shanghai motor show. Its two front faces of chrome plated strips seemed to bring a hint of Japanese wind to Chinese mainland.

This concept heavy truck racing car was displayed in Jiangling of Shanghai auto show. The comments of the card friends are polarized, either "really handsome, Nb", or "too ugly to look at directly". It may be ugly because its flat cab is short and narrow, and its front face tilts as if it has been stretched.

Let me say, this concept car is not only ugly, but also quite radical. You know, from the appearance, it's a European track car, and the design seems more reasonable.

Last year, the 2400 horsepower Volvo "iron Knight" got a lot of attention, accelerating at 0-100km / h for 4.6 seconds, and breaking the world record with a score of 21.29 seconds in 1000m In addition to the powerful power, this design also helps a lot. For example, the method of replacing the rear-view mirror with a camera is also adopted by Jiangling's concept car.

To be clear, the above Taijiang Huaikang bell X5 is not a wonderful flower. Like Shuai bell x, it is the beauty responsibility of the small card industry, which is now called "cute". But I don't know if it's because of the price and positioning, this car is rare on the road in Guangdong, but the following Kangling X1 appears frequently in front of me.

At first, when I saw Kangling x1, I felt its face was sad, even a little bitter. Looking at it carefully, I feel something is wrong. The clearance from the ground is very high. The headlight is on the bumper No, is this really a bumper? Even if there is no fog lamp, there should be a bottom bar.

Some people say that the front face is a little strange. In my opinion, the "ugly cute" has made its own features. Compared with the two cars, I prefer the strange face of Kangling x1.