How to Lightweight on SHACMAN M3000?

16 Jun 2017

SHACMAN Lightweight Technology:

High strength steel frame,

New structure lightweight suspension system,

Leaf spring brackets adopt casting molding process,

Optimized structural design,

Development of new lightweight assembly.

SHACMAN Lightweight Measures:

High strength steel,

Aluminum alloy material,

Aluminum alloy gas cylinders,

Aluminum alloy steering pump,

Aluminum alloy rims,

Plastic composite,

Hollow plate for saddle mounting,

Simplified operating platform.

SHACMAN M3000 adopts advanced lightweight concept to reduce vehicle weight and improve vehicle performance.

THe chassis kerb mass of M3000 6×4 dump truck (wheelbase 3200mm)  is only 8040kg, vehicle kerb mass 11400kg.

The chassis kerb mass of M3000 6×4 tractor (wheelbase 3200mm) is only 8109kg.