SHACMAN M300 Delivery Ceremony Held in Xingtai

06 Apr 2022

On August 2, 2013, the delivery ceremony of M3000 large truck to Xingtai Delong Steel is grandly hosted in Xingtai, Hebei province. Deputy Mayor of Xingtai Li Quanbao, General Manager of SHACMAN Yuan Hongming, and General Manager of Delong Steel Liu Yinsheng attend the ceremony. The event come to a climax as Yuan Hongming delivers a symbolic key to Liu Yinsheng, indicating a new stage of cooperation between the two companies.


SHACMAN products bring new vitality to Delong Steel. As a comprehensive group combining iron & steel production, trade, financing and investment into a whole, Delong Steel has been actively responding to the state's call on green, economic and environmental friendly road. SHACMAN and Delong Steel share a lot in common: take "service manufacturing" as core strategy, "centering on customers", and promoting green, energy-saving and environmental friendly products. In a sense, the two companies are bond to cooperate with each other. 

The M3000 LNG truck purchased by Delong Steel is a symbol indicating Delong Steel's trust on SHACMAN products and recognition on SHACMAN brand and culture. The two sides will jointly promote SHACMAN LNG heavy trucks so as to contribute to the green and ecological environment. 


As a pioneer of R&D and mass production of CNG HD trucks in China, SHACMAN is the first company to undertake China's 832 Program regarding "R&D of LNG HD Commercial Vehicles" and the only company having both new-energy automobiles and R&D of new-energy HD trucks. 

SHACMAN has achieved rich R&D results in new-energy vehicle field and developed CNG and LNG HD trucks, chassis for CNG and LNG and micro electronic cars, etc. It has mastered the core technology of NG trucks and formed an industrialized pattern. Its CNG and LNG HD trucks have many patents, filling in the gap of China's NG HD trucks in this field. The products are sold to overseas market with sales volume ranking first in China.


The order of M3000 LNG trucks is another one this year, indicating a new chapter of the cooperation between two

companies. As said by Yuan Hongming, SHACMAN will put great efforts to develop new-energy HD trucks and create new growth points for HD truck market. 

China has abundant NG resources and mature NG HD truck technology. To replace traditional fuel HD truck by NG trucks will be a future trend. SHACMAN and Hongda will work together to contribute more to promoting the rapid development of China's new-energy HD trucks.